Partner Brands

Our Partnerships with Global Brands

Established in 2007, Reliance Brands Limited was born out of the realization that the new age consumer in India has far more international exposure, brand awareness, lifestyle aspirations and spending power than ever before. Moreover, they’ve ‘grown up’ in an environment of abundance, choice, and convenience of buying from anywhere with a simple click. Therefore India was the emerging market for this new age customer. In the attempt to marry the brands with the smart customer, RBL has brought home 85 international brands, some of whom have their largest markets in India.

Catering to the segments of luxury, bridge-to-luxury, high-premium and high-street lifestyle, and having 16 years’ of rich experience in understanding the psyche of the Indian Consumer, RBL has become the most coveted partner of choice for international brands looking to explore the Indian luxury Landscape.